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Cru Worship is an initiative of Cru Music. Our work is much more extensive than worship alone – here’s some more info about what our team does.

Who we are:
In short, we are the music ministry of Cru, and we are now in our sixth decade of proclaiming Christ all over the world and helping accelerate the fulfillment of the great commission through music and performance. 

What we do:
Our vision is to see Christ exalted on every stage, and the work we do to bring about that vision happens in the contexts of outreach and worship.

  • Outreach:
    We perform evangelistic concerts in the US and overseas using mainstream and original music paired with personal stories to share the gospel in clear and compelling ways. We partner with other ministries to host our concerts, and these events help them gain momentum and reach the audiences they’re called to reach.
  • Worship:
    We lead worship at conferences and events around the world to encourage and embolden people on the front lines of ministry. We created the Worship Network of Cru to connect staff and students who are passionate about worship.

Who we need:
We are looking for a certain type of person to join us – someone with the heart of a vocational missionary, and the skills of a professional artist (or related discipline).

  • Heart:
    Cru is a missionary organization, and everything we do is focused on winning people to Christ, building them in their faith, and sending them out to help fulfill the great commission. We’re missional artists, so while music may be the way we do our work, building God’s kingdom by making disciples is what we do. At the core of being a missionary is the idea that we must go to our audiences. Having the availability to travel (both domestically and internationally) and the emotional capacity to adapt to many different working situations is an absolute must.
  • Skills:
    It takes many different skill sets (musicians, audio engineers, lighting directors, music producers, managers, etc.) to put a compelling performance on the road, or to lead worship for major conference events. We’re looking for people who would be pursuing a career in one of those areas no matter where they were, but who choose to serve with us because of our mission.

What it looks like:
Our team (around 20 people, currently) works out of Cru’s regional resource center in Westfield, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. We have offices, meeting rooms, a recording studio, and space for performances available for our use. When we aren’t out on a gig or project, our jobs fall into a 9-5 type of rhythm with a lot of flexibility. Because most of our work is project-based, there’s no such thing as a ‘regular’ day, week, or even month. But, here are some of the ways we spend our time:

  • On stage:
    • Performing evangelistic concerts, sharing the gospel and helping accelerate the work of the ministries we partner with
    • Leading worship at conferences and events
    • Giving training talks, seminars and clinics at our training events
  • Behind the scenes:
    • Planning, team selection and program development for conference events (leading worship) and outreach opportunities (evangelistic bands).
    • Developing classes and clinics for our worship training events
    • Rehearsing for outreach and worship events
    • Creating marketing materials and social media strategies for various projects
    • Writing sessions and times for musical development
    • Producing music for our bands and other projects
    • Financial administrative tasks (budget planning, fundraising, etc.)
  • Across the table:
    • Networking with worship ministries on college campuses to connect them with resources (regional worship training conferences, coaching phone calls, training resources, etc.)
    • Training our staff internally to see growth and care take place.
    • Developing relationships in the Indianapolis worship and music scenes to expand our influence into our own community.

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